The Ultimate Nutrition & Fitness Plan to Stay Lean During the Holidays

Holiday parties, baked treats, festive cocktails are all hard to pass up and you should no have to. Just balance it out with an effective workout and eating plan that will allow the body to burn fat throughout the entire day.

During the holidays, I follow David Zinczenko’s “8-Hour Diet,” which prescribes eating what we want, when we want, within an eight hour window. The specific timing will reset your metabolism so you can start burning fat first thing in the morning and continue all day long.

All that’s required is eating two of eight “power foods” at each meal or snack. These include lean sources of protein, nuts, yogurt and other dairy, legumes, berries, fruit, green leafy vegetables and whole grains. Not only does eating like this burn fat around the clock, it also increases energy.














If you know you’re going to have an evening of indulgences, start your eight hour window around noon and finish around 8 pm. If your family goes all-out at breakfast, your window might be from 10 am to 6 pm. The closer you are to exactly eight hours, the more effective this plan will be.

For the complete description of the plan, check this out.

As far as the workout, you do not need to log countless hours at the gym. All it takes is a efficient routine that targets all the major muscle groups. This will burn more calories and leave you feeling energized! Perform this routine 3 times per week with active recovery (swim, bike, walk, etc.) in between sessions.

Check out additional tricks to indulge without the buldge – view here. Have a fun and fit holiday!