Top 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall

Fall is here! With the turning of the seasons, we get to try new recipes, styles and a brand new routine. The transition always brings a noticeable shift. While there are so many positive things this season has to offer we can get stuck on the changes that might not be to our liking. The time change can throw us off, with its shorter days and different energy. The trick is to take advantage of everything this beautiful time of year has in store for us! Remember these top 10 reasons to love Fall and you will be guaranteed to enjoy these next few months.

  1. Delicious New Recipes: From chocolate pumpkin bread to butternut squash soup, you will have a plethora of yummy new dishes to try. You can find these simple, delectable dishes on many different websites. Here are a few recipes I have stumbled upon, tried and now are my new favorite Fall staples!


  1. Creative Styles: The September issue of Vogue is the perfect way to kick off the season in the fashion world. The beautiful photos, exquisite fall colors and captivating articles makes this a must read. I have also found tons inspiration on Pintrest, which got me excited to branch out and spice up my wardrobe.


Some of my favorite new styles of the season-

  1. Family Time: Thanksgiving is the one time of year when I let all thoughts of work disappear and completely focus on family and close friends. Turn off all technology for a day or two and enjoy conversation, connection and even the chaos (does anyone have a family without a little craziness?). This is such a special time to be reminded how valuable our relationships truly are. Here’s an amazing list of healthy Thanksgiving dishes if you are looking for inspiration-



  1. Weather Variation: As much as I love summer, the weather change that comes with Fall can be a real plus for the mind and body. The crisp cool weather and darker evenings gives us an opportunity to slow down the pace, which can have a profound and positive effect on stress levels. We may be eating earlier (better for digestion) and sleeping more soundly without the heat (huge beauty boost)!



  1. Beautiful Colors: The autumn leaves are quite spectacular. There is something very special about seeing the leaves change colors. It always reminds me of how powerful nature is and makes me feel grateful to live in it.


  1. Entertaining Sports: This is primetime for two major sports- football and baseball. It’s a fun way to curl up on the coach with your guy or gal and enjoy a great game. Even if you are not a major fan, you can still cuddle and fall asleep to the sound of the games.



  1. New Beginnings: Whether starting school, heading back to work or moving to a new city, Fall is often the season of transitions. New relationships and exciting opportunities can be exciting. Even without a major lifestyle shift, Fall feels like a season that invites change. Have an open mind and give yourself time to adjust. You will thrive in this new environment.


A little motivation to get you fired up 

  1. Revamped Fitness: It may not be January 1st, but this season can be an opportune time to take your fitness routine to a new level. Time to get serious in the gym and start focusing on a smoking body for the festivities ahead. To work off any vacay pounds, try this new program that will help transform your body-


  1. Festivities Galore: For me, the season’s celebrations begin with Halloween. The tradition always brings me right back to childhood when we would trick-or-treat in the snow and count our candy at the end of the night. Then it’s on to the one and only Thanksgiving, which is definitely my favorite holiday. Then we get to follow this up with holiday parties, followed by the actual holidays. I LOVE this time of year!


        10. New Shows and Concerts: Summer is usually pretty quiet on the cultural front. Whether its theater,  dance or music, Fall is usually the time everything picks up again with lots of fabulous new entertainment.


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