5 Simple Makeup & Skincare Tips for the Gym

result-7Guest post by Amanda Pochelska:

There’s nothing like going to the gym feeling hot and confident and showing the world exactly how fit we are! Who says we can’t look super sexy while working out? Who knows, there just might be a cute, fit guy watching and he may very well turn into a romance? Or maybe just great eye candy. Either way, it’s nice to look our absolute best. There is nothing wrong with giving ourselves a little confidence booster by glamming up to go to the gym with a little makeup; however, let’s not forget about the aftermath! Our skin doesn’t enjoy makeup as much as we enjoy putting it on and it shows. We may be thinking we’re doing everything to keep our skin happy and clear; after all, working out helps our body release toxins and get rid of all the yucky buildup. Yet if all the bacteria can’t be removed from underneath the surface of the skin, because there is makeup clogging the pores, inflammation will occur and cause you more blemishes than you were trying to hide! But don’t worry; here are five makeup and skincare tips to help you avoid that from happening:


  • Start with mascara! It frames your eyes and makes them the focal point of your whole face! It will keep you looking awake and glowing AND it will not clog any pores! Keep in mind- it might smudge while you’re sweating, so a waterproof option may be a better pick for the gym. If you want to take it a step further- lightly fill in your brows, it will make you look even more put together!
  • Minimize the amount of face products you use. If a makeup-free day is not an option, try to hide your blemishes with just concealer! This way your imperfections will not peak, yet the unaffected skin around them will stay perfect!
  • Stay away from touching your face while working out. We all know it’s tempting, but the countless bacteria gathered on the gym equipment are not welcomed on your delicate skin!
  • Shower immediately after your workout. Especially if you decide to wear makeup, make it a priority to save some time to wash your face at the gym! Products containing silicic acid will help you kill the bacteria and aloe vera based moisturizing creams will assist in hydrating your skin after it has been sweating! BUT make sure to not scrub, you’ll only irritate the skin and spread the bacteria all around; instead, be gentle! Moreover, make sure to carefully dry off your body with a towel after showering! Hard, unfiltered water is often the cause of pore blockage, so be sure to get that back as well to avoid body acne!
  • Make an effort to wear breathable materials and remember to change into fresh clothes after your workout! Having sweat trapped under the surface of your clothing will multiply the bacteria, and bacteria means trouble! Even if you don’t have time to shower straightaway, changing your attire will help you make a big step towards clear complexion!

These few simple steps are not hard to incorporate into your routine yet will keep you looking and feeling confident with or without makeup!