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IMGP1471Lead from Within

I have started to read The Soul of Leadership by Deepak Chopra in order to build my skills in the business world. I would like to be a leader who can motivate without force and drive success without losing sight of a personal life. Deepak Chopra has done an incredible job describing how improving our own characteristics and focusing on our wellbeing will in turn help others become successful. He’s pointed out the importance of awareness and how it directly affects you as a leader.

Below is an excerpt from the book, which demonstrates the key aspects to becoming more aware, which will in turn help us become better leaders.

Stop struggling.

What makes a leader is not toughness in the face of obstacles. Rather, you could help others see that it is possible to find support within themselves, taking advantage of the least effortful way to reach results.

IMGP1442Keep listening to your inner voice.

No matter how skilled you become at dealing with challenges, every decision gets tested inside. A leader pierces through layers of second hand opinions, stress and groupthink. Only when the leader finds the voice inside herself that is almost silent has she located the voice that should be listened to.

Mediate to reach your core awareness.

The practice of meditation has enormous implications for awareness. When you meditate and reach this new level of yourself, something magical happens. All boundaries disappear.

Test your boundaries.

Expand your comfort zone. As awareness expands, so do the areas in which you feel strong, confident and capable.

Remain centered.

Your center is your place of power. When you find yourself in difficult situations, where there are forces pulling you in every direction, locate the quiet zone. You will have access to your place of power, the still point in a turning world.

IMGP1458Look beyond your personal beliefs.

It’s the person who is flexible, who can see the situation from all sides and is alert to subtle changes, who succeeds best. Being able to see beyond your personal beliefs is a vital step in actually going beyond boundaries.

Gather information from every source.

A great leader listens to everyone around him, taking in all each has to offer; but when it comes time to make a final decision, he stands behind it with total conviction. Become open to all influences, but be swayed by none.

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