Keeping Everything in Perspective


It’s been one of those days where I have had a hard time keeping everything in perspective. Woke up too late, sat in traffic, forgot my lunch, etc. Then I headed to the Apple store to get my new phone (along with everyone else) and found out after standing in line forever, I had to go to the AT&T store. After traveling back and forth to both stores I was not even able to get it. My dad would call these Cadillac problems, which really sums it up well.

Why do we let these “issues”get to us? Why do these situations have the power to ruin our day? The answer is simple- we lose all perspective. It is so easy to zero in on the problem at hand and lose sight of what is actually important. I am 100% guilty. I start to lose my positive outlook when things don’t go my way.

In order to combat this negativity, it’s important to become more aware of our mindset. It’s essential to take charge of our attitude before it gets the best of us. A great way to do this is slow everything down. When I start to get frustrated, I begin to deepen my breath. I inhale for a count of five and exhale for a count of five. I do this as many times as I need until I start to feel calm. It usually takes a few minutes.

Once you have taken the deep breathes and relaxed your overall being, it’s important to transform your attitude by changing perspective. A simple way to do this is by closing your eyes and starting to visualize the three most important things in your life. Try to make your visualization as clear as possible, continuing to take deep breaths. Take as much time as you need to get a very clear vision of the three most important things.

Then begin to let go of everything that is not included in your visualization. Whatever negative and frustrating thoughts come to mind, deeply breath them in and then let them melt away. All you should have left to think about is those three most important things in your life. Once you do this exercise, you will realize that the original source of your frustration is trivial and there are at least three very important things to focus your energy towards.

I know this practice is not always easy, but you will benefit in incredibly ways. Once you go through these steps enough times, you will begin to gain perspective as soon as a trivial issue arises. It’s time to take control of your attitude and realize how important each moment can be.