Eat Fat to Burn Fat- Fast & HEALTHY Weight Loss

Challenge: How do you lose weight the healthy way?

Solution: Eat more quality fats (yes fats!) and get rid of carbs.


We have all been there when it comes to wanting to lose weight. Whatever your motivation may be- a little too much chocolate cake (every night), a few too many cocktails on vacay or lots of takeout, you may be at the point as summer comes to an end where you want to tone up. Fortunately, it will not take you long to ditch those pesky vacation pounds and lean out all over.

When I have an event or shoot coming up, I feel a huge amount of pressure to be at my absolute leanest. I have tried many different ways to accomplish this goal. While there are many options out there, not all are healthy. It was very important for me to find the healthiest option because I have to do this often for various work obligations.

That’s not to say I have not tried a handful of fast slim down plans. I have tried a juice cleanse and had a hard time. I work out very hard everyday, and the juice cleanse is meant to be done without high intensity exercise. I have tried to plan out each meal with exact proportions but I am such a foodie that I failed miserably. I have also tried to cut out sugar and caffeine, which made me feel good. However, I did not see a significant difference in my body since I do not eat much sugar to begin with.

I have found the most EFFECTIVE and HEATHIEST option to be a high fat/low carb eating pattern. This solution is sustainable, allowing the body to burn fat and stay slim. It can be taken on as a lifestyle rather than a diet. A diet means depravation to me. I can assure you that you will not feel at all deprived when eating this way.

As much as I love grains, bread, pasta, crackers, wraps, etc. these foods do not love my waistline. Here’s the problem with carbs, even super “healthy” carbs like grains- all of it turns into sugar in your body. This leads to weight gain and a series of other issues including high inflammation, low energy and an unsatisfied appetite.

Now we are probably not going to all cut out those delicious carbs forever, but if you want to see major changes in your body then try to cut them out for about 4 weeks. The high fat, low carb eating pattern gets you lean very quickly!

Some of the benefits include:

  • Weight loss, especially in the abdominal region
  • Satiated after a meal
  • Reduced blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Reduced inflammation in the body (major beauty benefit for skin!)
  • Increased levels of HDL (good cholesterol)

Here’s a sample day of eating Ketogenic. This is a menu that works well for me!



–       Full egg omelet w/ mushroom, spinach and basil

½ avocado on top, seasoned with himilayan sea salt and pepper



–       1 cup raw mixed nuts



–       Big salad w/ all the fixings, 2 tbsp. olive oil and lemon

–       6 oz. salmon

–       Green tea



–       Quest bar (my favorite flavor is cookie dough)



–       Avocado pesto (recipe:

–       1 c roasted cauliflower

–       Small green salad

–       Artichoke w/ garlic aioli



–       Two pieces dark chocolate