4-Minute Workout to Sculpted Legs & Butt

Finding time to workout is not always easy in the midst of our crazy schedules. Between early meetings, cocktail hour with the girls and an endless to do list, there’s very few extra moments left for training. Fortunately, you do not need to dedicate an hour in the gym to look and feel better. The Fit in 4 series is designed to boost metabolism, build lean muscle and boost energy in just 4 minutes. 


Perform each exercise for 1 minute as fast as possible. Move onto the next exercise without resting. The goal is to do all the exercises back to back and with full power. If you have some extra time, repeat the series 1 or 2 more times.

Equipment Required: None!

Skaters: Drive off the ball of your foot and land with knee bent. Cover as much distance as possible.

Knee Tucks: Drive knees up as high as possible while keeping chest lifted. Engage core the entire time.

Squat Hops: Stay in a low squat position as you make small hops of the ground. Land softly.

Split Jumps: Deeply bend both knees and then drive off the ground as high as possible. Land with chest up and front knee over ankle.