3 Steps to Getting Ahead in Your Career

Challenge: How do I stay ahead in such a competitive industry?

Solution: Set yourself apart from the rest by applying a few simple steps.

Whether you have a job or are currently looking, every industry is more competitive than ever. This reality should definitely not discourage you, but rather motivate you to push yourself harder than ever before and stand out. I entered the over-populated wellness industry without anything that was making me stand out. As I pursued my goals, I learned how to establish my market value, thrive in a competitive industry, while staying true to my values.


Here is a summary of what I have learned that I believe applies to any profession.


  1. Establish your goals and then raise them even higher. You are the first person who is truly going to believe you can achieve greatness. If you do not give yourself the opportunity to reach major goals, do not expect anyone else to tell you what you should do. I started my career with the goal to be the “Oprah” of the fitness industry. Some laughed at this lofty ambition but I truly believed I could get there. With that came other huge goals such as developing multiple product lines and writing books. The smaller steps it takes to reach these goals ended up establishing my career. If you can set your sets higher than you ever thought possible, you will be well on your way to getting everything you want and more!
  2. Treat every relationship with kindness. We have all heard it since we were little kids, but there is so much to be said for treating others with complete respect and warmth. Whether it’s a CEO you are meeting or the person serving you coffee, make sure to treat everyone equally. Not only are you doing the right thing, but you never know who will help you in your career. I met the CEO of a major clothing company by complete chance at a volleyball tournament. He was brining down sandwiches for his friends. His hands were full so I ended up helping him. Just by this one simple action, I ended up meeting his entire marketing team and working with them. Genuine kindness is always rewarded in unexpected ways!
  3. Learn to take major risks. It’s easy to be comfortable and stay that way, but chances are, you will never reach your full potential. If you don’t give yourself the green light to take big risks you can expect to stay at the same level. It may be scary and there’s always the possibility that you will not succeed, but that should never keep you from taking the risk. If you want to be your best self, reach the unthinkable and get everything you’ve ever wanted, then you are going to have to take many chances by jumping in with both feet and giving yourself the opportunity for amazing success. One of the many riskiest moments in my career was deciding not to finish college but instead, pursue a professional beach volleyball. The odds were against me but I had to go for it. I did not end up becoming a pro, but the decision led me to develop my career in the fitness world. While training for volleyball, I met people who provided me with opportunities I would never have had if I did not decide to take the risk.

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”

-Dr. Seuss