15 Minutes to a Slim Stomach

20121012_MH_Shot1_0018Getting a slim stomach does not take zillions of crunches or deprivation. The core is made up of multiple muscle groups, which need to be strengthened in order to get major definition and a toned tummy. By doing exercises that engage all these muscle groups, you will be burning significant calories and getting lean without having to do a single crunch. By combining core exercises with upper body moves, you will increase the calorie burn, build lean muscle and look sexy in your swimwear.

This workout is fast and effective. You will perform each exercise for 10 reps. Do the entire routine 3 times. Alternatively, if you are short on time you can do each exercise for 1 minute. You will begin to look and feel stronger/leaner within a few weeks!

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Photography: Michael Haber